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Paragon Pools understands the importance of our customer’s visions, budget and lifestyle.

We are a full service swimming pool contractor dedicated to making getting the pool of your dreams a realistic option. We do all the work from start to finish in a timely and professional manner so you can start enjoying your luxurious pool as soon as possible.

We understand that a new pool or spa is an investment, so we ensure workmanship, dependability and attention to every detail. Our expert staff will meet with you to discuss all facets of the pool buying and building process. From design to excavation to pool installation and inspection, we offer comprehensive pool building services. During the design phase, we work closely with our clients to ensure that the new pool fits their décor and budget, and our expert design consultants will make sure you're getting a pool that reflects your individual style.

We will walk you through each step of the way for your beautiful water oasis from initial design to easy to follow operating instructions.

The same individualized attention is provided to every pool/spa regardless of the size or price range. You can be assured that the final product will be one of lasting enjoyment for years to come.

If you're thinking about having an indoor or outdoor pool installed, call Paragon Pools. Whether you're looking for a cool place to spend the summer days, increase the resale value of your home or both, count on us for first-rate service and workmanship.

This is how pools can make a difference in your space:

No matter, it is a gym, school, hotel or residential house, Swimming pool contractor Columbia SC are experts in creating beautiful in-ground swimming pools. There are lots of things that you should consider while contracting a person for structuring the pool of dreams:

  • Utilization of the space is an important thing that every owner considers while thinking for the size of the pool. Above ground pool contractor Columbia SC are specially trained for building pools in the lesser space.
  • Your pool installation Columbia SC should design the pool in such a way that it looks spacious and do not bring any risk to people walking around.
  • Quality must not hamper at any cost, it should be clear in your mind. In-ground pool installation Columbia SC syncs with the latest market norms and fits perfectly into the client’s demands.
  • No matter if you are opting for the above ground pool contractor Columbia SC or hiring in- ground pool contractor Columbia SC, you will require post-construction services for sure. And these maintenance services are not part of the contract and should not bring extra costs.
  • You must give your list of extra maintenance to Pool service Columbia SC so that they can assure your fresh water in the pool, test water frequently, remove dirt and debris, vacuum the surface, check the level of chemicals and enjoy and relax.
  • If you opt to fit some inbuilt systems like automated pool controller, pool pumps, pool filters, pool installation Columbia SC doesn’t charge extra for its fittings. All fittings should be part of its contract.

“I approach every project with two principles in mind. First, watershape design must be integrated and balanced with the surrounding environment and architecture. Second, I apply our engineering expertise and processes to every detail in order to achieve sound watershape design, construction and sustainability.”

“The goal is to design a space that fits the individual personality of each client. We strive to make it a pleasant experience, unencumbered by the worries of its technical details, design limitations and construction standards.”

This approach has led our team to some extraordinarily creative and innovative solutions, including pools that melt seamlessly into nature, a pool with a river-rope swing, and some of the most complex infinity edge projects ever built.


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MORE RELIABLE, WEEKLY MAINTENANCE Whether you have a commercial or residential pool, you want a swimming pool service that you can count on. The less time you spend on your pool means the more time you have to enjoy it. Our full-service weekly programs give you affordable maintenance with superior swimming pool service. And our flat-rate pricing makes it easier on your budget.

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